Your White Glove

Chauffeur Service.

The convenience of RIDESHARE in the Comfort, Service and Amenities of LUXURY."
Mehdi M. - GM

Airport Greeter

Stress-free travel with complementary amenities.

Butler Plus eases the stress of travelling by catering to your needs with unparalleled, superb white glove limousine service in Los Angeles, New York and Miami.


Our private chauffeur services are guaranteed to arrive promptly with special refreshments to prepare you for your upcoming journey or welcome you into a comfortable ride after a long flight.

Chauffeur Service

Affordable, Luxury is served. Your own private Butler on an hourly basis.

Butler Plus is a premiere professional driver service with professional personal drivers in Los Angeles, New York and Miami.  

Butler Plus is not your typical car service. We combine the traditional butler’s role of impeccable service with precise driving acumen, providing our clients with the perfect experience.

We tailor each ride to the client’s needs and likes. Unlike other car services, we show up with hot coffee/tea, energy drinks, pastries, LaCroix water, keto-friendly snacks or other treats tailored to the passenger’s need, including car seats and treats for the kids.


Luxury Tours

Explore the City of Angels in style.

Our personal chauffeur services feature  highly-experienced drivers, driving high-end vehicles in Los Angeles. Whether you are visiting Los Angeles or hosting out of town guests, Butler Plus is the perfect tour guide.

Our private chauffeur services in Los Angeles include experienced tour guides who will take you and your guests anywhere you wish to go in the privacy in one of our luxury vehicles.

Long Distance Rides

Discover the comfort of long distance rides.

With Butler Plus' long distance rides, the ease of long-distance travel is more comfortable than ever. You’ll save time by skipping the airports and train stations, and can instead use the travel time how you’d like — private phone calls, last-minute presentation prep, or even catching up on sleep. Our chauffeurs are bound by discretion and give you the space and privacy you need to deliver your best.


Butler Plus Limousine & Chauffeur Service

The luxury chauffeur services provided by our limousine company offer highly trained and thoroughly vetted personal chauffeurs in Los Angeles. Our butlers (chauffeurs/drivers) are clad in handsome suits and white gloves to evoke the immaculate service of traditional butlers and luxury chauffeurs of yesteryear.

Whether it's  for personal/professional appointments or special occasions (birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations or proms) our butlers (chauffeurs/drivers) make certain that all your needs are catered to. We provide a tailored experience with our luxury chauffeur services in Los Angeles.

Whether you are looking for luxury chauffeur services for special occasions, professional chauffeur services for business appointments, corporate chauffeur services for corporate accounts, personal chauffeur services for errands, private chauffeurs for discreet celebs or high-profile individuals, we have all grounds covered. Moreover, if you are looking for cheap chauffeur services due to budget constraints, we provide all of our customers with a superb luxury chauffeur service with our amicable and highly professional butlers (chauffeur/drivers) that offers more value and amenities than any other luxury chauffeur service in Los Angeles.

Simply put, when it comes to luxury chauffeur service, Butler Plus is unmatched in price and quality, as our Butlers (chauffeurs/drivers) go the extra mile to make our customers happy.


We tailor each ride to the client’s needs and likes.  Unlike other limousine companies or chauffeur services, we show up with refreshments and snacks, tailored to the passengers, car seats and treats for the kids. We stock the car to make your journey as magical as the destination. Again, Butler Plus limousine company provides unparalleled chauffeur service.

Butler Plus Limousine understands that when it comes to limousine rental or chauffeur service, there are many options. However, we are determined to be your essential luxury chauffeur service and limousine service rental because our dedication and level of service is unparalleled including:

  • White Glove Service: 


Our Butlers (chauffeurs/drivers)) wear white gloves as a symbol of pristine first-class service.


  • Luxury SUVs:


Cadillac Escalade in Crystal White and Black Raven


  • Bespoke Amenities:


Clients are greeted promptly, with special refreshments such as LaCroix, Keto-Friendly Snacks, Car Seats, Cashmere Blankets and Gourmet Cookies.


  • Dedicated Discretion:


Our Butlers (chauffeur/drivers) drive celebs and high-profile clients regularly and understand that confidentiality and professionalism is paramount


Butler Plus Limousine & Chauffeur services are the premiere car/limo service in Los Angeles with a dedication to providing luxury, chauffeured black car and limousine service. Unlike other limo companies and chauffeur services we provide affordable luxury at its finest.


Los Angeles and beyond: 

Butler Plus Limousine & Cars will go anywhere for our customers and provide chauffeured transportation to Palm Springs, chauffeured transportation to Las Vegas, chauffeured transportation to San Diego, chauffeured transportation to San Francisco, chauffeured transportation to Santa Barbara. Essential Butler Plus provides the best limousine and luxury chauffeur service any where our customers need.

Butler Plus Limousines & Chauffeur Services Fleet: 

Butler Plus Limousine & Cars are late-model luxury Mercedes S550, Cadillac Escalade SUV, limousines, all driven by professional chauffeurs and insured drivers we call Butlers.


Butler Plus Limousine and Luxury Chauffeur Services go beyond industry standards of chauffeured hospitality and luxury chauffeured services in Los Angeles.  Our customers enjoy chauffeured service with curated attention to detail



What differentiates Butler Plus Limousine & Cars is that chauffeur service is just the beginning. We add amenities like cashmere blankets, treats and snacks that elevate our chauffeur service greater than other chauffeur services in LA or the nation.

Other chauffeur services or limousine companies offer just black cars or SUV.  Our Butlers (chauffeurs/drivers) make our limousine company unmatched. Professional chauffeurs must pass state and federal background and are then trained to provide the very best.  That’s what makes our Butlers superior to just chauffeurs or drivers.



For business car serviceluxury wedding car service, airport car service, or other luxury limousine and black car transportation VISIT US AT WWW.MYBUTLERPLUS.COM We provide personal, chauffeur service with greatest of detail.


  •  Limousine Service to Disneyland

  •  Limousine Service to Knots Berry Farm

  •  Limousine Service to Universal Studios


  •  Limousine Service to LAS VEGAS

  •  Limousine Service to The Commons at Calabasas

  •  Limousine Service to Coto de Caza



  • Limousine Service to WINE COUNTRY

  • Limousine Service to Monterey

  • Limousine Service to Palm Springs

Butler Plus provides superior chauffeur service that meets the needs of all requests including limousine service for Los Angeles, Beverly Hills limousine service as well as Malibu, Pacific Palisades and surrounding cities.

Butler Plus is the premier limo company in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. In addition to providing the best limousine service in Beverly Hills, we have been regarded by many as the best limousine service in Los Angeles, the best Los Angeles limo company, the most affordable Los Angeles limo service, the fanciest Los Angeles limousine service, and the most accommodating luxury chauffeur service in Los Angeles.

Our customers who have a 24-hour personal driver in their hometown often use our personal chauffeur service when traveling to LA.  We provide affordable, reliable private driver service for those looking for a personal driver in Los Angeles. Not many private chauffeur services have been named best private driver in Los Angeles. We at Butler Plus strive for the best. Our goal is to be the best professional driver service with the most experienced professional private drivers.  

Butler Plus offers unparalleled professional chauffeur service that exceed customers expectations.  In addition to providing personal drivers, corporate chauffeur services, LAX chauffeur service, chauffeur service for special events, we also provide chauffeur service to Coachella with our Mercedes Benz Sprinters. We offer special packages for out of towners, that include private drivers to Coachella Valley along with complimentary airport transportation (LAX transportation only).





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