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Airport Greeters

Butler Plus eases the stress of traveling by catering to your needs with unparalleled, superb White Glove limousine service in Los Angeles and New York.   

Butler Plus is the premier professional driver service with the most impeccable and professional personal drivers in Los Angeles.  We offer affordable luxury airport transfers with late model limousines, Sedans, and Cadillac Escalade SUVs. 


Butler Plus specializes in superior, safe and efficient travel for private and commercial airports in Los Angeles and New York. Relying on taxis, airport shuttles or ride shares to get you to your destination can be a hassle, especially because they’re not flexible to your individual schedule nor prepared for extraneous circumstances. 

Our Butlers  keep in constant contact with the travel arranger so that we can accommodate to any last minute changes you have. Whether your flight is early or delayed, our team will constantly keep track and ensure your Butler arrives at the appropriate time to prevent any unnecessary wait time.


Our Butlers arrive promptly with special refreshments to welcome you after your flying experience.  We can wait curbside for your arrival, or greet you at baggage claim with a designated welcome sign and refreshments in hand. 

Unlike other car services, Butler Plus prepares you for your flight by picking you up with coffee/tea, energy beverages, and pastries upon request. Our Butlers 
assist you throughout the departure process, from check in until the plane leaves the gate.