(BYOC) Bring Your Own Car Service

Butler Only Chauffeur Services

Bring your car to get Chauffeured around with our professional drivers

Butler Plus offers our clients the option to use our ‘book your own car’ feature, understanding that some clients prefer traveling in their personal cars.  With our focus and commitment to providing a personalized luxury experience, we transport our clients anywhere they wish to go. Butler Plus provides talented drivers to accommodate any occasion. We are dedicated to the comfort of our clients, prompt and accurate navigation and reliability of service.  Butler Plus not only guarantees satisfaction, we exceed expectations.

Our Meticulous Plan for Ensuring Your Safety

Prior to employing any driver for our service, we conduct a comprehensive search into their drug or criminal background, as safeguarding the safety of our clients is our primary initiative. Each driver undergoes a personality assessment, coupled with a background check, as we work towards putting professional and suitable individuals behind the wheel. Encouraging and setting the need to practice safe driving practices as a prerequisite, we make certain each driver is properly licensed and insured and is provided with ample training.

Butler Plus is a luxury chauffeur service offering highly professional and highly trained driver service in Los Angeles. While we provide the most exquisite variety in luxury automobiles, some clients require chauffeur services sans car. Our professional drivers are equipped to chauffeur you in your own luxury vehicles with the same level of unparalleled white glove service.