Chauffeur Services (Hourly)

Your own private Butler on an hourly basis

Butler Plus is the foremost luxury car chauffeur service, offering prompt, reliable, and thoroughly professional drivers in Los Angeles.

Tailoring each ride to our clients’ needs and personalized requirements, we customize each aspect of our service. To showcase our commitment and our dedication to our clientele, we stock refreshments and snacks, keeping in view the preference of our passengers. By offering car seats and treats for kids, we enable our clients to travel easy, and in comfort.

We understand that there are many choices; however we are determined to be your essential chauffeur service because our enthusiasm and level of service are unparalleled including:

  • White-Glove Service: Our Butlers (not drivers) wear white gloves as a symbol of pristine first-class service.

  • Luxury SUVs: Cadillac Escalades in crystal white and black raven;

  • Bespoke Amenities: Clients are greeted promptly, with special refreshments such as LaCroix, keto-friendly snacks, car seats, cashmere blankets, and gourmet cookies.

  • Dedicated Discretion: Our butlers drive celebrities and high-profile clients regularly and understand that confidentiality and professionalism are paramount.


Keeping the privacy, comfort, and ease of our client at the forefront of our service, we provide an experience unlike any other. Our chauffeur services in Los Angeles pamper our clients, as we work towards elevating the standards of the private chauffeur services industry. Prioritizing the convenience of our customers, we benchmark rendering a service quality that is similar to that of the world’s best airlines or the best global five-star hotels.

World-Class Hospitality Standards with Our Personal Chauffeur Service:

Our professional chauffeur service prioritizes the safety and security of our clients. We ensure our professional chauffeurs pass a stringent and rigorous test before becoming a part of our team at Butler Plus. By putting each driver through a federal background check, training them comprehensively, and placing them under a drug background check and personality assessment, we make certain to hire only the best possible for our clients.

The Perfect Solution for Corporate Clients:

Reaching important meetings, catching flights, or conducting video-conference sessions are all defining characteristics of the corporate space. With our corporate chauffeur services, our clients can sit back, kick back their heels, and snack on their favorite treats, while our chauffeurs smoothly glide them to their desired destination.  Our professional chauffeur service is guaranteed to provide comfort and piece of mind to busy professionals and high powered executives

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