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Luxury Car Rental

In addition to being the premiere professional driver service with impeccable personal drivers in Los Angeles, Butler Plus provides you with access to the finest Luxury Cars including Exclusive Exotic Cars that will make everyone's head turn, while you live like the superstar you are. 

Diving yourself into a luxurious experience is a memory that everyone wishes to create. With Butler Plus, our clients can ride our vehicles to their corporate events, for their special dates (anniversaries and birthdays) or simply for taking a tour around the city. Our blissful service of luxury car rentals in Los Angeles offers you to travel light, travel in ease and travel in complete comfort.

Vacation in LA with Renewed Vigor

Shuffling through itineraries, figuring out bus schedules, or roaming through tourist locations can be a harrowing experience. To find ease, a sense of luxury and calmness while traveling around LA, hop into any of our luxury vehicles, as with Butler Plus, traveling not just becomes easy, but also becomes fun.

A Special Event or a Memorable Day

If you’re looking to take a trip around the pier or if you are looking to simply relax with the company of your loved one in a luxurious setting, then our service of luxury vehicle rentals in California is a be-fitting choice to make. Carve out a memorable experience or sink yourself into pure bliss with our chauffeur ridden luxury and exotic vehicles that will surely leave heads turning. 

A Tailored Experience with Butler Plus

With your fixed schedules and demanding job pressures, luxury or comfort tend to take a hit. Our seamless communication process ensures our customers feel well looked after, as we take each important detail into consideration. Tailoring the entire experience is our niche, so with Butler Plus, our