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- Hourly trips: A minimum trip of two hours (or more) is required; all trips calculated on a garage to garage basis (garage zip code: 90028);

- Late cancellation: Butler Plus must have 5 hours’ notice from the pickup time on the reservation otherwise there will be a 2 hour charge and a 20% gratuity charge;

- Airport fee: This charge represents airport parking fees incurred by Butler Plus for all airport arrival reservations. This flat fee of $10 is subject to change without notice, as Butler Plus has no control over if and when increases will be imposed by various governmental agencies;

- Administrative fee (3.5%): This charge refers to credit card processing fees (if applicable);

- Fuel Fee: The fuel surcharge is charged for all trips to/from outside LA County, and is based on the average cost of fuel at the time of the reservation. This charge will therefore increase or decrease with fuel price levels;

- Holidays rates (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year) x1.5; 

- Taxes: Charged as incurred. Subject to change without notice;

- Discretionary gratuity (20%): As a convenience to our clientele, we have added a suggested gratuity to the reservation. You may choose to change the suggested gratuity at any time;

- All prices include professional chauffeurs;

- Daily rates calculated on an 8-hour base, garage to garage;

- Weekly rates: Timing calculated on a day by day basis, garage to garage, unused hours not transferable;

- Prices and terms subject to change without notice;

- Vehicle type not guaranteed;

- Late fees: All past due invoices will be charged a $10 per day late fee until invoice paid in full;

- Additional fees may apply.

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